Good News For LEED Spaces

In 2001 The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) launched a sustainable building initiative call LEED, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

This program was designed to inspire construction of healthy, environmental friendly spaces. The benefits include saving energy, water, resources, minimize waste and support the health of the employees.

While most LEED buildings are commercial buildings and not residential, the results are impressive. And even though most people aren’t familiar with LEED, over 5 million people have stepped into a LEED building every day (

There are several LEED buildings in the Harrisonburg area. Most are on the campuses of JMU and EMU. Sentara RMH is a LEED building and is one of the top 50 green hospitals in the USA. (

Impressed?  Check this out:

  1. There are 92,000 LEED projects underway in the world.
  2. 2 million square feet of construction space is certified LEED every day.
  3. Some of the well-known LEED buildings are the One World Trade Center (it is the tallest in the US standing at 1776 feet high). Both the Clinton and George W. Bush Presidential Center are LEED certified.
  4. According the USGBC’s 2015 Economic Impact study(, by 2018 LEED construction is expected to create 3.3 million jobs, generate 190.3 billion in labor force,” $12 billion in energy savings, $149.5 million in water savings, 715.3 million in maintenance savings, and 54.2 in waste savings. “(On Common Ground, How LEED Has Rocked The Built Environment” by GM Fillsko.



Sentara RMH

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